Global Fashion That Changed the World

Tokyo has an international reputation for its wild street styles, including Lolita fashion.

By Jennifer Croll   [Editor’s note: With permission from Prestel Publishing, the following passage is excerpted from Fashion That Changed the World, a new book about just that.]   Fashion Week Internationale, a VICE web series hosted by a fearless ex-model turned journalist named Charlet Duboc, takes viewers backstage for fashion weeks in far-flung, sometimes


‘Is This Me?’ Style Meets Existentialism with ‘Women in Clothes’


    In conversation with two BC contributors to a new international fashion book co-edited by ‘How Should a Person Be?’ author Sheila Heti.   By Sarah Berman,   It’s a drizzly Thursday evening in Vancouver’s Chinatown and I’ve had the foresight to wear a rain jacket and waterproof boots. In addition to feeling


Is Vancouver fashionable? Tell us what you think.


    By Aurora Tejeida   The Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) is happening mid September, and someone, presumably their social media team, has been scoping out the city’s street style. Leaving outdated yoga pants jokes aside, Vancouver isn’t exactly known for being fashionable. Still, this event is held twice a year, and boasts 25,000 attendees.


On the Runway


    South American Flavours at Vancouver Fashion Week   South American fashion made a splash at this year’s fashion week, featuring three Peruvian designers. Colombian, Brazilian and Argentinian designs also graced the runway.   Guidebook photographer Simon Choi attended the Fall/Winter installment of Vancouver Fashion Week on Friday, March 22, to catch a slice


Vancouver Fashion Week runs March 18 to 24, featuring bike-friendly rain clothes by Danish designer Emma Jorn


  Vancouver Fashion Week runs March 18 to 24, featuring bike-friendly rain clothes by Danish designer Emma Jorn.   By Sarah Berman   Now that we’ve officially entered spring, Vancouver’s fashion-forward are already talking about fall and winter styles. But one thing that never goes out of style in Vancouver, is keeping dry and warm