Cheers to a Kinder 2015


    I’m not one for resolutions, but in a world plagued with digital fatigue, we should all make human connection a priority.   By Abeer Yusuf   Nowadays it almost seems as if making New Years’ resolutions should be called a resolution in itself. Everyone energetically expresses things they wish to start doing or


I Am Not Malala


    Mistaken for ‘The Bravest Girl in the World,’ one writer shares her doubts that Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel win can bring about positive change in the Swat Valley.   By Abeer Yusuf   For the last year, we’ve been hearing a lot about this name: Malala.   In fact, so popular is the name


A Naked Truth


  Sexual assault still prevalent in progressive, multicultural  Canada.   By Abeer Yusuf   Sad as it is for me to write this, I know very few women, if any at all, who have never experienced some form of sexual harassment in the hands of the opposite sex.   As an Indian who has observed


Abeer Untapped: Coming Home

Kuala Lumpur / Photo by Peter Nguyen  / pixabay

  After a year studying abroad, visiting family yields a new kind of culture shock.   By Abeer Yusuf   Anyone who has been an international student at some point in their life knows there is no feeling like being back home for the first time.   For me, being back home for the summer


Abeer Untapped


    How do we bridge the social gap between international students and our Canadian counterparts?   By Abeer Yusuf   Ask most local students in any country what they don’t understand about their international peers, and you’re likely to get a response like, “they just don’t mix with us.”   Ask the same of