Little Sheep Mongolian


Burnaby: 200-4755 Kingsway, BurnabyBC

Richmond: 405-5300 No. 3 Road, RichmondBC

5/5 stars


Mongolian hot pot restaurant chain with locations in China, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, and Canada. Perfect for group gatherings.


As soon as you enter Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, the rich fragrance of soup hints at what’s to come. Each table is topped with a ceramic heating element upon which sits the ‘hot pot.’ With the hot pot in the centre of the table, guests gather around to cook ingredients of their choice by submerging them into the boiling soup stock. This set up is perfect for gatherings of friends and families, especially during the cold wet winter. There is nothing like spending time with loved ones huddled around a warm stove and enjoying a meal.


Tables are well spaced out and booths are sectioned off by high walls, ensuring privacy. There are also rooms and round tables available for larger parties. A bar area is visible at the end of the restaurant, where drinks are prepared.


Because hot pot involves cooking your own menu selections in boiling soup stock, most items on the menu are raw. There is an assortment of meats (such as beef, lamb, chicken), vegetables (any type that you can think of), and seafood (fish, shellfish, octopus, scallops). Also available is an ‘alternative’ section, such as beef tripe and pork blood. Our server highlighted that the lamb is from New Zealand, and beef from Alberta.


The menu also featured several home-made meatballs, made from cod, shrimp, and beef.


All of the ingredients were fresh, and you can tell the kitchen put in a lot of effort to ensure only the best gets served. There are a number of different soup stocks to choose from. We chose the half and half which was delivered in one pot sectioned in the middle. One side simmered with classic soup stock, and the other half with spicy stock. Our server explained that all the soups start with the classic soup stock (primarily chicken and beef bones infused with a number of herbs and spices) as a base, and then add additional ingredients to build complexity and flavour. The spicy soup starts with the classic base, and then chili peppers and other fragrant ingredients are added. Little Sheep also has a vegetarian base for non-meat eaters.


In the kitchen, a designated person attends to the soup; every 15 minutes the mixture is stirred, and ingredients are added to build and shape the flavor.


The menu also offers cooked appetizers such as stewed beef, and cold dishes. Among the beverages, plum juice is a refreshing staple which complements the hot and spicy food fresh from the pot.


Service was attentive and prompt. As soup boiled down, servers topped up our  pot. They were polite and always ensured our needs were met, without being intrusive.


Overall, the quality of ingredients and soup were the highlight of this experience. Everything tasted fresh. The soup stocks were intensely rich and flavorful, without the taste of MSG. The cooking process itself was also fun and allowed our table a good opportunity to chat while waiting for our food to cook. This has quickly become a favorite in my books, and I’m sure I will come back again and again.



Jayne is a Vancouver foodie who is on a mission to seek out all the best, lesser known eateries in the city. While not on the hunt for her next meal, she can be found at the gym, burning off yesterday’s calories.