Tasting Sake for Charity


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Tonarigumi hosts a tasting night to raise money for seniors’ services.


By Miwa Takita


What: Tasting more than 40 different kinds of sake
When: October 4, 2014 7:00p.m to 9:30p.m
Where: The Coast Coal Harbour Hotel
How much: $80


13th Annual Premium Sake Tasting Night hosted by The Japanese Community Volunteers Association, Tonarigumi with the Sake Association of B.C. will take place in the grand ballroom of the Coast Harbour Hotel in October 4th, 2014. The event will raise money for benefit programs and services for seniors.


There will be more than 40 different kinds of premium Japanese sake and plum wines served with appetizers from local participating restaurants.


VIP packages are available, which includes a 45-minutes sake tasting seminar from sake professionals; a chance to taste some sake not generally available in B.C.; special discount coupons to purchase sake; a ticket and a 15 minutes advance access to the main sake tasting event.


For more information visit www.tonarigumi.ca.


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