Urban Visions Collide in ‘Char Bagh’


Odell Hussey Photography

Odell Hussey Photography


As part of this year’s PuSh Festival, experience four methods of storytelling on January 31.


Char Bagh is the Persian term for a quadrilateral garden divided by water and pathways; a space for exchange and contemplation. Digital Handloom is a Vancouver communication and cultural engagement practice by Manjot Bains and Naveen Girn.


Enter Digital Handloom’s curated modern bagh, and experience four methods of storytelling. They’ve put together a stellar international group of artists:


Mandeep Sethi is a global shapeshifter utilizing film and music as mediums to create change, with a specific focus on the fifth element of hip hop culture—knowledge.


Nisha Kaur Sembi lives and works in Berkley, California. With any art that she produces, whether it be her digital, fine art, or street art work, Nisha’s main objective is to use her art as a platform to bridge self expression with social change.


Rupi Kaur is a writer and spoken word artist based in Toronto. Through her creative work she documents the experiences of being a diasporic coloured woman in a society that is quick to silence that demographic down.


On January 31, see these four eclectic talents interacting in real time: Sethi spits hip hop with a social conscience; Sembi responds with grafitti art; Kaur celebrates the beauty of broken English; followed by a dance party deejayed by Sethi.


Nights like this are, too often, only dreamed of.


Presented by PuSh Festival at Performance Works, January 31, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $22 in advance or $27 at the door.

Odell Hussey Photography

Odell Hussey Photography